About us

The Vietnam Business Challenge Fund (VBCF) is a specialised fund initiated and capitalised by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).

The VBCF is designed to support the private sector in Vietnam to develop innovative business models that deliver both commercial benefits for the company and social impact for the low income population using Inclusive Business models.  

Inclusive Business models generate profit for companies by bringing low income populations into the core business of the company as employees, producers, distributors and/or consumers. Profit is generated by increased efficiency in the business or the creation of new markets.  At the same time, the low income population benefits due to opportunities for jobs, increased incomes or an improvement in their quality of life. In this way, Inclusive Business models are win/win.

The VBCF aims to support private companies operating in Vietnam to develop innovative Inclusive Business in three main sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Low Carbon Growth
  • Infrastructure and Basic Services

VBCF is specifically looking for inclusive business models that are:

  • Innovative
  • Inclusive
  • Commercially viable

VBCF provides technical assistance, mentoring and non-reimbursable funding of up to 49% of the total investment in selected projects through competitive open calls.


The VBCF is built on the success of the recently completed Vietnam Challenge Fund (2009 – 2012), also supported by the UK.


For more information about VBCF, please view its brochure