Investee profile

VBCF investees should fully meet all the following criteria to be eligible for assessment:

  1. The applicant business should finance at least 51% of the project budget.
  2. Investment proposals should be relevant to any of the three sectors (agriculture, low carbon growth, infrastructure and basic services), and address specifically one or more of the challenges established by the VBCF 2nd call for applications.
  3. The business proposes to work with the low income people in Vietnam either as suppliers and/or consumers for the mutual benefits of both the business and the low income segments of the population.
  4. The business, and/or its main shareholders or management team should have proven experience of at least two years, in a relevant sector of the proposed project; the two years will be counted until the date of submission of the Inclusive Business Executive Summary, and individual experience should be full time equivalent.
  5. The applicant business have one of the following legal status:
  • Private and Limited liability companies (LLC) registered and operating in Vietnam
  • Joint stock companies (JSC) registered and operating in Vietnam
  • Cooperatives registered and operating in Vietnam

Applications that do not fully comply with the eligibility criteria will not be considered for assessment.